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We would like to thank all at Final Rest for their compassion and support throughout our sad decision to say goodbye to our beloved Ruby at home. As soon as Ben arrived he reassured us and made us feel at ease that the decision we made was best for Ruby. Once sedated we all had the chance for one last cuddle before she peacefully went to sleep, so glad we chose this option for her.

Darren & Jane,

We would like to thank Sophie, and the final rest team for being there for us when we had to make the toughest decision to have our gorgeous boy Bailey put to sleep.

From the telephone call and all the way through they supported us and explained everything that would be happening. When Sophie arrived, she explained everything and gave us all the time we wanted with our boy. We could not have wished for a more dignified, peaceful and stress less passing for Bailey


Ninja was very poorly from a long battle with cancer, he was my big strong beautiful boy and he passed peacefully at home, he felt safe, comfortable and warm and it was the best way for him to go, Ben helped us again as he had with our other cat, with great kindness and compassion and I couldn't have asked for more in the situation


Final Rest answered the call I didn’t want to have to make and were kind, calm and made the arrangements as easy as possible. Ben came to our home and made a very difficult time as easy as he possibly could. He answered our questions, gave us all the time we needed, and was kind, compassionate and considerate. Ben was gentle and thoughtful in ensuring Felix had no suffering. Our lovely boy was put in a bed with a soft blanket to go to his rest.


Everyone I spoke to were extremely helpful, supportive and compassionate when I contacted them about saying goodbye to our Aston.

Ben was kind and understanding. He reassured us we were making the right decision and explained what would happen. We were not rushed. We couldn’t have asked for a more peaceful passing for our beautiful boy. He went to sleep in his own home with those who loved him and whom he loved by his side.


I would like to say a huge thank you to Ben for his help and support during this hardest of times. Saying goodbye to my best friend Tasmin was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do, but his calm and understanding manner helped me through. Her final day was made immeasurably better by being at home and the whole process was calm and peaceful.


Rachel was gentle, kind and compassionate to all of us and gave us time to come to terms with the situation. She took time to explain everything and answered our concerns and reassured us it was the right time. There was no urgency and we were given the time to process everything. We could not have wished for a more respectful dignified ending for Jess, to go into a peaceful sleep at home, who provided her family with unconditional love for all of her beautiful life.


We had to make the tough decision to put our lovely Frankie to sleep. I honestly can’t thank you and Rachel enough, from the moment we called you to the day it happened you made us feel so reassured. Rachel thank you again so much.


Final Rest has allowed to me have my precious Archie fall asleep peacefully at home.

Ben was amazing and I cannot express my thanks to him enough. He helped reassure myself and my boys it was Archie’s time. He provided comfort to my boys who were worried about the whole experience and when he left we felt he was being taken away in good hands. He looked so cosy in the little bed he left with. He looked like the old Archie fast asleep.


Rachel came to see our dear Libby, a working cocker spaniel, who was nearly fourteen years old. Rachel was so gentle, kind and compassionate to us all. She spent time talking to us and explaining everything. We could not have asked for Libby to go into a more peaceful sleep at home in her favourite seat, with us all with her.

We thank Final Rest from the first phone call with Christine, to the end with Rachel. They really looked after us


Recently, my beautiful 15 year old dog, Poppy, was diagnosed with acute kidney failure. The shock was horrendous as there were no obvious symptoms. We had to make the difficult decision to let her go, but we wanted it to be in the comfort of her own home. Ben came to help Poppy over the Rainbow Bridge. He was kind, compassionate, patient, and provided comfort to us all at a very difficult time. For Poppy, it was a very peaceful passing.


After fifteen years of love and companionship our beloved Bossy had to leave us. His departure was exactly what we hoped, in his own bed with us stroking him and talking to him calmly. Ben was like a doggie angel and made us feel that this was the kindest way to end his suffering. The individual cremation is a great comfort and he was returned with a treasured paw print. With grateful thanks from us and Boss.


When Misty, our 17-year-old elderly dog’s health was declining we decided that she was ready to leave us. We chose Final Rest because they were recommended by our vet. The whole experience from start to finish was the best possible. Ben, the vet, was very kind and gentle, and at no point did Misty experience any anxiety or pain and passed away peacefully in my arms. I will definitely contact Final Rest again when another pet needs their compassionate care.


Ben was the most peaceful, calm and wonderful man in what was a very sad day. He explained everything at every step and was patient and caring. Bert was comfortable and peaceful when he went to sleep. Ben helped me wrap him carefully in a blanket and carried him downstairs, so he could lay in the sunshine one last time before I buried him in his favourite spot. If ever there was a ‘nice’ way to say goodbye, having Final Rest come to my house was it.


My handsome 13 and a half year old boy Branston drifted to sleep last week curled up in his favourite bed snoring gently until the end. I cannot imagine a better way to end a long life where he gave so much love and laughter to our family. He was born in this house and left it calmly and peacefully. Ben from Final Rest was wonderful—calm, kind, thoughtful and considerate of both Branston’s wellbeing and the distress that those of us left behind were feeling.


From when we first called Final Rest you were empathetic, calm, and patient and just so kind. You were able to see Lola on the day and the moment Rachel entered our home we were reassured we were doing the right thing by Lola. She was absolutely amazing! We couldn’t have been more grateful to Final Rest.


The service we have received from Final Rest has been nothing but positive. Ben demonstrated so much kindness and empathy to Archie and us, which made what was a heartbreaking time very special … the way he gently tucked a blanket around Archie when he as at peace in the bed ready to take him away, will stay with us forever.

So much thought is given to every step. A special thank you for the card and Archie’s paw print, which we are going to have framed.

The Waltham Family,

Tilly was timid and not a great car passenger so taking her to a vet was out of the question. Communication was brilliant. I got a text to say Ben was on his way. Tilly was asleep in my arms. He asked about Tilly and her problems and genuinely seemed interested. I was able to hold her throughout the whole thing.

I’m so pleased I chose Final Rest. I would absolutely recommend them if you ever have to say goodbye to part of your family.


I contacted Final Rest two months before the moment finally came. They were so understanding and helped talk through the best thing to do. When the time came, everyone was so supportive. Ben explained what to expect, which really helped us. He gave us time together afterwards to say goodbye and tucked him up in a bed and made him look so comfortable and peaceful.

Our final moments with Hurley were exactly what we wanted, peaceful, gentle, dignified and filled with love and kindness.


Rachel gave our beautiful Gracie the upmost care and afforded her the dignity she deserved in her final moments. She explained each step with the upmost respect; not only for Gracie, but for my family and me. We took it at our pace and there was no rush. Thank you for helping our girl pass peacefully in her favourite spot in the garden with the sunshine on her face.

We’d also like to thank Lauren for her help in a difficult time. Lauren, you have been amazing.


From my first call to Christine and Lauren, we were treated with kindness, respect and empathy. Ben informed us every step of the way during the procedure. If it is possible to have a ‘beautiful death’ this was it. We were all, Massy in particular, treated with dignity and respect. It was a very quiet and peaceful transition for her and for that we are extremely grateful.
The card we received, along with Massy’s paw print made the whole experience utterly exceptional.

Charlie, David, Rebekah and Christopher,

Ben, the vet showed our Ben so much compassion and dignity we knew instantly we’d done the right thing with having Alfie put to sleep at home.

Everything was done at our pace meaning we had plenty of time to say our goodbyes. It was also the personal touches of keeping us informed of the process such as when Ben would be arriving and then sending a card afterwards that really cemented we’d made the best decision with going to Final Rest.

Lynn, Sarah and Charlie,

After a short illness we have had to say goodbye to Chase The Dog who has owned us for the last 14 years. Having Christine and Ben’s support has made the situation just bearable.

When Ben arrived he demonstrated such empathy and care for both us and Chase The Dog it felt like he was grieving with us. Empathy and sympathy can’t be taught you either have it or not. Ben and Christine you exemplify this. Thank you for being there, you should never underestimate the difference you make!


Christine answered the call and was calming, compassionate and knowledgeable. She fully understood that we were struggling with the decision of what was best for Candy. Rachel arrived and immediately put us at ease. She explained everything she was about to do. Candy was allowed to slip into a deep sleep whilst licking primula off her spoon, receiving lots of love and kisses.

Christine and Rachel showed empathy and understanding when it was needed most and so much thought was given to every small detail


While I had read the reviews before making the decision to go with Final Rest, I was not prepared for the level of kindness, care and consideration which was given to both Beau and myself.

Rachel treated Beau so gently and kindly—taking as long as it needed—such that he drifted away beside me without feeling a thing. Every aspect of her service was perfect and she made one of the worst days I have ever experienced into something beautiful which gave me the closure that I needed on his passing.


Thank you so much Final Rest for everything! From that dreaded call to you, to Ben coming and putting our beloved Eddie into his forever sleep. We are so grateful for all you did.

Please look no further if you are considering this service for your pet. Rest assured they will give your pet the calm and respectful passing they deserve.


From the moment I spoke to the team on the phone, I knew I couldn’t have placed my Lola girl into better hands. We will be forever grateful at the kindness and empathy shown, and the love you showed our girl.

From her wagging her tail coming straight to you for a cuddle when you arrived, to you stroking her back paw as she drifted away. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. It meant so much to us.


Saying goodbye to Clarissa was extremely difficult for us. Rachel was wonderful, just so kind, we could not have asked for anything more.


Thank you so much for making our parting from Benji so calm and dignified. Ben was marvellous and did not hurry us. Benji was very calm and just slipped away. We have now got him back home and when Philip is ready we will scatter his ashes under the cherry tree in the garden he played in for 15 years.

Again very many thanks for making a very sad day bearable.

Philip & Margaret,

From the first terrifying phone call, Christine listened, instantly putting me at ease, reassuring me that I was doing the best thing for Phoebe, even though it was obviously so painful for us.

Ben was calm, kind, caring and patient. Phoebe was so relaxed on my lap on her favourite sofa. She passed away licking unlimited spoons of peanut butter ice cream, while we laughed at the mess she was making in her beard. Who could ask for a more perfect way to leave this life!?

I literally could not recommend Final Rest more highly. Thank you so much Christine and Ben for all that you do.


I cannot thank this marvelous team enough. From the moment I telephoned incoherently asking for help through my tears, to collecting our much loved Spencer’s ashes, the attention to detail was first class.

It was so important to us Spencer had a gentle and calm end to his life and Rachel worked quietly and respectfully around our family of four, letting us know what would happen at every stage and giving us all space and time to say our goodbyes.


I rang Final Rest and spoke to Lauren who was supportive and understanding.

The vet, Ben, was patient, kind and caring. He let us know what he would be doing and gave us time to say goodbye. He made a traumatic experience bearable. My other cat was present watching his brother move on to his next journey.

A horrible decision made so much better being able to put him to sleep in the comfort of his own home on his favourite cushion with me reassuring him everything would be ok.


We cannot thank Final Rest enough. They enabled our beautiful girl, Lula, to fall asleep in my arms, being stroked by my husband, surrounded by her family and fur brother. They made the most difficult time more bearable. Ben was fantastic and she and our other dog were calm and relaxed throughout. Thank you so much to all the team for talking through everything and helping us feel we had done the right thing by our baby.

For anyone having to make this awful decision we cannot recommend Final Rest enough.


From the minute I spoke to Christine we knew it was the right thing to do. Ben came the following day (New Year’s Eve), put us both at ease and talked us through the procedure and we were even more sure. Christine and Ben were so kind, respectful and professional—they dealt with the situation in a caring manner.

When we received the ashes we had a memorable card with Monty’s footprint which was a lovely and unexpected touch.


From the minute I spoke to Lauren at Final Rest to the moment we said goodbye to our beloved Ted with Rachel’s assistance I felt I had made the right decision and was in safe and capable hands. Rachel made an unbearable event bearable with her compassion and kind nature.

I would not hesitate in recommending Final Rest to anyone thinking of saying goodbye to their pet.

Sam & Family,

Picking up the telephone to discuss the end of life for a much loved pet was potentially one of the worst things as a ‘grown up’ I had to face yet with the guidance, reassurance and gentle expertise of Lauren and Christine, this process was more manageable and smoother, even comforting, than I had envisaged.

I give full praise for their support and the kind manner of Ben as he visited Branston in the place he wished to finally lie.
The service Final Rest provided was outstanding—personal, professional alongside warmth and compassion.

Yvonne & Simon,

Myself and my family were in bits. We had waited all day Sunday and had never experienced this kind of emotion, from the second the phone was picked up at Final Rest I felt a lot more relaxed.

Ben turned up on time, he introduced himself to our baby girl, Storm, he made sure that we were well informed every step of the way. He was amazing. Made the whole procedure very respectful and dignified. It was the final peaceful farewell that our baby girl deserved.


Ebony didn’t like going to the vets so we wanted to do this last thing for her so she could pass away at home, in her favourite place where she felt safe. Ben was fantastic. He went through everything with us and explained it really well. Ebony passed away on my lap and it was so peaceful. If anyone is in this situation and is considering home euthanasia for their much loved pet then we highly recommended Final Rest.

Marc & Richard,

Doug was in his favourite spot, sniffing the sea breeze, guarding for pirates, when Ben arrived. After a snack of sardines, and marmite on toast (for Doug, not Ben!), our beloved boy set off on his next big adventure.

We are immensely grateful to Final Rest—from the information on their website, to listening to my anguished call and babbling guilt over condemning our dog to death, to Ben who was gentle, compassionate, and thoughtful throughout. Doug fell asleep one last time in a place he felt content, relaxed, and safe.

Gill & Jon,

We would like to thank Rachel at Final Rest who came out to our Toby as she came out at short notice when our lovely little 19 year old Toby took a turn for the worst. Rachel treated him with dignity, kindness and patience in his final moments, we will always miss him so much as he was such a very gentle special little cat and we can’t believe how much we all miss him.

Thanks again to all at Final Rest for seeing us through this difficult time.

Steve, Joyce & Dean,

Our much loved cat Coby was almost eighteen years old and suffering with various ailments associated with old age. It was a difficult decision to contact Final Rest but speaking with Lauren made me feel completely reassured that I was doing what was best for Coby. Coby slipped away peacefully in the comfort of his own home being given one final cuddle. Ben was amazing and really made what could have been a stressful and traumatic experience calm and peaceful.

Janet & Freya,

It was the hardest decision I have ever needed to make, but right from the initial painful call, I knew it was exactly what was right for Jessie. I was given an explanation about how the whole situation would happen, with space to question, and when Rachel arrived as planned, the sad parting and putting to sleep of dear Jessie was done with a very special calmness, a dignity for Jessie herself, and understanding of all my tears. Jessie passed away without pain or distress.


As our pets are so precious to us, it is a traumatic experience when we finally have to say goodbye to them. A great help at this time, the lovely team at Final Rest who made such a difference to our last moments with them, at home in their familiar surroundings.

Mrs Collins,

Brilliantly caring service from the start to the moment when Rachel took our 15 year old Watson away. It was an awful day for us made bearable by the kindness and caring of everyone at Final Rest. If, like us, you feel that your pet deserves to be relaxed and calm when the time comes, you won’t find a better way to help both your pet, and you, get the parting that they deserve.

Barry & Helen,

Thank you for making such a hard decision a little bit easier.

Rachel was so understanding by explaining everything that was going to happen. Putting myself at ease and my best mate Bouncer, I gave him a piece of sausage and he was chomping on that while he was been put at ease. He fell asleep so peacefully, no more pain through his chronic arthritis. So dignified when I placed him in the bed to be taken away, thank you for everything.


Thank you. Rachel was truly amazing, she was Helm’s guardian angel, taking him to his final rest. He nor I could have asked for a more perfect person xxx


Ben’s attendance was very comforting to us all as he fully supported our difficult decision and put us at ease regarding Toby as his quality of life was very stressful for him. I remember reading somewhere, better to be a month early than a day late, when struggling to make the final heartbreaking call.

At this extremely distressing time, Ben’s calm, re-assuring and clearly compassionate nature provided the best and most fitting goodbye that we could give Toby our beloved and family member of 15 years.

Jim, Jane & Jonathan,

We would like to thank you so much for your amazing service. You made what is a very sad time a calm and peaceful experience and we are forever grateful our last moments with our darling Fred were so relaxed.

Sandra & Will,

We are so grateful for the care, compassion and patience shown to us and to our beloved Cleo. From the first phone call, through to the peaceful home visit, and until Cleo’s ashes were returned to us, it was so clear that Lauren, Ben and Christine really cared.

It was so important to us that Cleo felt calm and relaxed and in her own surroundings. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give her the loving goodbye she so deserved.

Jo & Colin,

Thank you for such a wonderful service.

A grand mix of efficiency and empathy. We so appreciated how comfortable we and my grieving Jack Russell, Eddy were able to feel in our goodbyes to lovely Shelby. It was so important to us that Eddy realised what was happening. It’s made the biggest difference to us and him. I cannot thank you enough.


The minute I made the decision to investigate their services I knew Frankie was in safe hands. Lauren who took my call helped me to share essential details and prepared me for what to expect. Her calm and caring approach gave me the reassurance I needed.

Ben is a special kind of person. He understood Frankie’s needs and made him feel safe. Final Rest is such a genuine team providing a dignified end so our fur babies can run free over the Rainbow Bridge of peace.


I would like to thank all at Final Rest for their support through the whole process of taking care of Riley at this most difficult time.

Ben came around and showed so much compassion and kindness and made sure Riley and the rest of the family were all at ease. Riley passed peacefully away in his favourite place on the lap of his Nanny. It meant everything to us that he had such a dignified end in his final moments.

Abbie, Hilary & Chris,

Just from the initial phone call, I knew Bonnie would be in safe hands. Christine allowed me to speak about Bonnie in my own time. She just listened, gave me words of comfort and was compassionate. Ben’s professional manner and calmness with Bonnie was truly wonderful and that calmness extended to myself and my mum.

I’ll cherish forever the moment we laid her in her bed. Ben making sure she was comfortable, safe and snuggled down with a blanket ready for her departure.


I was very impressed with the kind and caring manner of the service you provide. It was a dignified end for my much loved dog, Zac. Run free my old friend.

Mr Darcy

I cannot praise Final Rest enough. From first contact through the whole process itself and beyond. We had Mr Darcy for 14 years. From a tiny puppy he was our life. To be able to give him a peaceful pain-free end to his earthly life was everything to us.

Darcy went to sleep in my husband’s arms at home, in the armchair that they both had snoozed on many times together during his life.


I must say that your service achieves a blend of professionalism and compassion, which is very difficult to achieve in most circumstances.

Your kindness and understanding made an unbearable situation bearable and gave my wife and me great comfort in our grief. Thank you so much.


When the time came for us to say goodbye to our beloved Teddy, Ben attended at short notice and his compassion, warmth and kindness helped us through, making a very dark day easier to bear.

He carefully explained everything and enabled Teddy to drift off to sleep warm and cosy in his favourite armchair. Knowing that Teddy’s final moments were filled with love and kindness brings great comfort to us all.

Lynda & David,

I wanted to say thank you so much for the thoughtful, gentle and kind way Cat helped us say goodbye to our very loved sweet old bear Jake. It was of course very emotional but such a calm and peaceful way to go to sleep.

Sleep well Jake🐻 xxx


From the moment I spoke to Christine, we were greeted with kindness, patience & compassion. Ben came to help us say goodbye to beautiful Luca, and he was fantastic. We really felt that no request or accommodation was too much. He cared for Luca with warmth & kindness. Luca was comfortable and calm and went to sleep in the arms of his humans who loved him dearly.

Thank you—you really did make one of the hardest days a little bit easier, and we felt our boy was loved by you also.


Final Rest were recommended by my vet. I read the reviews. Although they made me cry, it sounded just what we wanted for our Max.

I almost find it too hard to put into words how amazing these people are. Rachel came to us and immediately we felt a sense of calm. She explained how things would go, if we had any questions, she was so compassionate, so gentle, amazing! Max’s passing, although we were and still are heartbroken, was so peaceful and calm, which at the end of the day is what we wanted for him.


Tilly had been in our lives for 17 years. She was the most lovable, loyal, placid and happy cat, always purring and quivering her tail. She was and always will be our little Princess.

My daughters and I wanted her passing to be as peaceful and stressless for her as possible. The Final Rest team, especially Rachel, enabled this to happen for us. I would definitely recommend this wonderful service to anyone in the future.


It was always going to be difficult to say goodbye to our beloved cat who had been part of our family for the past 21 years. Finding Final Rest provided everything we wanted at this difficult time, particularly with respect to coming to our home instead of having to take him to the vets, which he always found very stressful.

Rachel was so gentle, kind & sensitive to all our needs and we were able to say goodbye to him with loving care and dignity.

Corrine, Martin & Charlotte,
Berman Gomez

Berman Gomez has been my furry sidekick for nearly 14 years. From my first contact with Christine at Final Rest, I was treated with compassion and my handsome boy as more than just a pet. Rachel the vet came to my house and made a very sad day much easier.

Everything was done at my pace and I got to say a proper goodbye as he fell asleep on my bed. It was peaceful and respectful. I can’t begin to thank you enough.


We had to make the heartbreaking decision to put our young dog, Rufus, to sleep.

Cat was so kind & gentle with us and with him. Rufus died very peacefully in the garden with the sun on his back, being cuddled by us. At this very sad time it is a huge comfort to know that his final moments were completely stress and pain-free. I can’t thank you enough for helping our beloved boy to have a peaceful end.


Losing our beloved Billy was the most heart-breaking and difficult time we have ever faced. Our wonderful boy left this world in the best way possible, thanks to Rachel taking care of things so beautifully with patience & compassion. Billy slipped away peacefully, with no fear or pain, with everything familiar around him.

On our darkest day, Rachel brought us a ray of light and has left us with the consolation of knowing that Billy’s final morning was calm and tranquil and he felt safe.

Liz & Rob,

With great sadness, we had to make the heartbreaking decision to say goodbye to our beautiful old friend Kody. We didn’t want his final moments to be in pain or involve a visit to the vets.

He passed away peacefully, on a sunny day, under the shade of an apple tree in the garden, held by the two humans who love him dearly. You were so kind and gentle with Kody and gave us the time we needed to say goodbye to our beautiful friend.

Janet & Vincent,

We had to make quite possibly the most heartbreaking and hardest decision to let our beloved old girl Doris slip away peacefully. Christine and Ben were compassionate and understanding. They listened and ensured all our needs and wishes were met to allow Doris to fall asleep peacefully at home.

Our final moments with Doris were dignified and peaceful as Ben gave us plenty of time to stroke Doris and hold her paw until her last breath. What was a very distressing time, became a beautiful and loving goodbye for our old girl.


Compared to our many past experiences of saying goodbye to our dearest friends, Final Rest has to be by far the best. Chance was at home in her garden with the sun on her back, her favourite place with her favourite people. It just felt so right and for us the space, tranquility and peace for all of us was second-to-none.

Thank you so much for the help, support and guidance.

Trevor & Karen,

Heartfelt thanks to Ben of Final Rest who could help our beloved border collie in her time of need. Has fantastic palliative care knowledge and advice.

Penny passed peacefully in her own home and went for cremation tucked up in a basket with her ball and toys. Would have no hesitation in recommending. Thank you.


Thank you so very much for being there for myself, my partner, and Inca on the 9th of August. We couldn’t have wished for a better way for Inca’s final day to happen.

Ben, you are the most lovely, calming and considerate man, and when Inca came over to sniff you we knew it was the right time. I cannot say enough praise that would give you justice. With all our hearts we thank you.


Ben was so calming, professional (my son referred to him as the nicest man he ever met!) and put us all at ease, but most importantly, put Tilly at ease. He took his time and there was not one moment I felt worried or unsure. My partner, my son and myself could not get over how the saddest day could be made quite beautiful with the peaceful passing that, after 14 years of bringing so many people joy, Tilly completely deserved.


I cannot express how thankful and grateful I am to you both. Ben was absolutely amazing with us. He showed such kindness and compassion at such a difficult time.

Allowing him to choose where to pass, in his favourite spot in the garden, was just perfect. It could not have been a better ending. You both made one of the most difficult decisions and days of my life so much easier to bear.


From the moment I spoke to Lauren to then meeting Ben and Christine, the whole process was personal and heartfelt.

Thank you for treating my handsome George with so much respect and dignity, and thank you for letting me have the time throughout the process to be with him and not feel rushed.


Our beloved Old English Sheepdog, Dylan, sadly couldn’t go on any longer. We had to make that horrible decision so we contacted Final Rest. They were so understanding and caring throughout the whole process, explained everything that was going to happen and gave us all the time and space we needed to say our goodbyes to Dylan.

It’s a decision you never want to make. However, they made it so much easier to bear. Dylan was in his own surroundings and passed peacefully, with dignity.

Dean & Karen,

Thank you for giving us such kind and compassionate service from the first point of contact with you. Ben was so gentle, compassionate and empathetic that it really put our minds at ease to see Poppy pass so peacefully and gave us no small amount of relief during such an emotional experience.


We would like to thank all at Final Rest, especially Ben, who came out at short notice when our beautiful little 18 year old Polly took a turn for the worst. Ben treated her with dignity, kindness and patience in her final moments. We will always miss her as she was such a very special little cat with a big personality.

Steve, Joyce & Dean,

From the moment we phoned, you showed so much compassion. Zak’s passing was so calm and peaceful with us all present, he wasn’t stressed at all. We were grateful and impressed with Rachel’s professionalism and more importantly, compassion. Nothing was rushed and we felt everything was at our pace.

We are so grateful that Zak’s last moments were peaceful and pain-free and we have that to hold on to. Thank you.


Having to accept that I must lose Bonny was heartbreaking. However Christine and Ben put my mind and heart at ease.

They were willing to give so much time to talk and listen and advise both on the phone and at my home. Rachel and Christine treated Bonny with gentleness and me with compassion. There was no rush and Bonny’s last moments in her favourite spot in the garden were peaceful, free of stress and pain.

Christine, Ben and Rachel thank you for looking after us.


On a day when no-one else could help, Ben came to our rescue. Thank you for the gentleness & sensitivity you showed Rocco and us.


I would just like to thank you for the kindness, care and respect you have all shown during the past week. I was so grateful that Kiki could be at home and with her family. Her final moments were so peaceful.


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the support you gave us when we said goodbye to Poppy. She really was a member of the family and saying goodbye was naturally very painful.

It was made easier because she was at home, on her favourite blanket, and there was no rush or trauma, for which I am so grateful. Thank you for the valuable service you are providing.


We just wanted to say a massive thank you to Christine and Rachel who have been so kind and supportive through this process.

Oscar’s final moments were peaceful, beautiful, and at home. This has helped us deal with our grief at this most difficult time. We would thoroughly recommend Final Rest. They are professional and very compassionate.

Carole & Geoff,

Both Ben and Christine’s compassion and kind manner made losing our beloved Cloud a more peaceful and manageable experience. Ben talked my family and I through each step, and his presence was so unobtrusive that we felt more than comfortable with him joining us through such an intimate and emotional moment.

Thank you both so much for giving Cloud the care she deserved.


I want to thank Christine for her advice on the phone and a special thanks to Ben who put my mind at ease about if I was doing the right thing.

My dog Hunter passed away peacefully while he was sleeping and while losing my dog could never be a pleasant experience, I believe Hunter had the nicest death anyone could ever wish for.


Our dog Freda had been gradually deteriorating over a number of months only to collapse early this morning. Your attendance was so calm and comforting—it made us feel so much better.

Thoroughly recommend Final Rest.


We would like to pass on our heartfelt thanks to Ben & Christine. Their kindness & compassion allowed us to share Murphy’s last moments at home where he was not stressed & with his family.

If you are in our situation I would not hesitate to recommend the service they offer they were fantastic.


You were both so compassionate and showed such deep care to us all. Having lost our beautiful girl after nearly 16 years was one of the hardest days of my life but she was so peaceful in the end thanks to you both.


Ben and Christine were absolutely fantastic in every way when we had to arrange to say our final farewell to our 12-year-old black Labrador.

Calm, peaceful and extremely kind, I would recommend their service to anyone wanting an at home goodbye.


Ben and Christine were professional, calm, compassionate and kind. Emma was handled very gently and with dignity.

It was an enormous comfort to me that this distressing time was stress free for Emma and my daughters and I could say goodbye to her at home.