Final Rest

Home Euthanasia

8am–7pm 7 days a week

The Process of Euthanasia


When you contact us us we will arrange a telephone call to discuss your pet’s needs and answer any questions you may have. We will then arrange an appointment to come to your home to carry out the euthanasia.


Whenever possible we will give a sedative injection so your pet will peacefully fall asleep with you. We will then administer the euthanasia injection. The euthanasia itself is gentle and painless. You can be with your pet throughout.


You are welcome to arrange for burial or cremation yourself. If you would like us to arrange it for you then we are happy to do so. We will take your pet to a local pet crematorium to be individually cremated. If you have asked us to return your pet’s ashes then we will contact you within a week to arrange a time to deliver these.