Final Rest

Home Euthanasia

8am–7pm 7 days a week

Ben and Chris with Mango the dog

Home Euthanasia for Cats and Dogs in Hampshire and West Sussex

What We Offer

We offer a calm, dignified goodbye to your pet.

We believe, wherever possible, that euthanasia should be at home. Our mission is to turn a heartbreaking time into a positive experience. We know how hard it is when deciding to put your pet to sleep and we are here to support you through this difficult process.

When you contact us we will discuss what you need and arrange a time to visit you to carry out the euthanasia. Afterwards we can arrange for a cremation. For more detail on the process of euthanasia please see our Process page.

Who We Are

We are Ben & Christine, an experienced vet and vet nurse team. We started Final Rest because we have seen the benefits of euthanasia in the home and we know how hard it is for veterinary clinics to offer this service.

We are proud to work alongside a small group of vets who share our values:

Ben Walker
Rachel Trimmer

What Our Clients Say


Our beloved Old English sheepdog Dylan sadly couldn’t go on any longer. We had to make that horrible decision so we contacted Final Rest. They were so understanding and caring throughout the whole process, explained everything that was going to happen and gave us all the time and space we needed to say our goodbyes to Dylan.

It’s a decision you never want to make, however, they made it so much easier to bear, Dylan was in his own surroundings and passed peacefully, with dignity.

Dean & Karen,

From the moment I spoke to Lauren to then meeting Ben and Christine, the whole process was personal and heartfelt.

Thank you for treating my handsome George with so much respect and dignity, and thank you for letting me have the time throughout the process to be with him and not feel rushed.


Thank you for giving us such kind and compassionate service from the first point of contact with you. Ben was so gentle, compassionate and empathetic that it really put our minds at ease to see Poppy pass so peacefully and gave us no small amount of relief during such an emotional experience.


From the moment we phoned, you showed so much compassion. Zak's passing was so calm and peaceful with us all present, he wasn't stressed at all. We were grateful and impressed with Rachel's professionalism and more importantly, compassion. Nothing was rushed and we felt everything was at our pace.

We are so grateful that Zak's last moments were peaceful and pain-free and we have that to hold on to. Thank you.


Having to accept that I must lose Bonny was heartbreaking. However Christine and Ben put my mind and heart at ease.

They were willing to give so much time to talk and listen and advise both on the phone and at my home.
Rachel and Christine treated Bonny with gentleness and me with compassion. There was no rush and Bonny’s last moments in her favourite spot in the garden were peaceful, free of stress and pain.

Christine, Ben and Rachel thank you for looking after us.