Ben and Chris with Mango the dog

Home Euthanasia for Cats and Dogs in Hampshire and West Sussex

What We Offer

Chips, the cat

We offer a calm, dignified goodbye to your pet, shaped around your needs and wishes.

We believe wherever possible that euthanasia should be conducted at home. Pets are more relaxed and peaceful in familiar surroundings and owners prefer the privacy and intimacy that can be offered without the time constraints of a busy practice. We know how hard a decision any euthanasia is and we are here to support you through this difficult process.

When you contact us we will discuss what you need and arrange a time to visit you to carry out the euthanasia. Afterwards we can arrange for a cremation with or without your pet’s ashes returned. For more detail on the process of euthanasia please see our Process page.

Who We Are

Close up of Ben, Chris and Mango the dog

We are an experienced vet and vet nurse team dedicated to providing a compassionate, caring service. We decided to start Final Rest because over the years we have seen the benefits of euthanasia in the home and we know how hard it is for veterinary clinics to offer this service.

Ben qualified as a vet in 2013 and spent 3 years in Oxford before moving to Hampshire.

Christine qualified as a vet nurse in 2009 and has been based in Hampshire throughout her career.

We are registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons both as a mobile veterinary premise and individually. You can find our details at:

What Our Clients Say

Charlie, the dog

Ben and Chrissy were absolutely fantastic in every way when we had to arrange to say our final farewell to our 12 year old black Labrador.

Calm, peaceful and extremely kind, I would recommend their service to anyone wanting an at home goodbye.

Emma, the cat
Emma, 2001–2020.

Ben and Christine were professional, calm, compassionate and kind. Emma was handled very gently and with dignity.

It was an enormous comfort to me that this distressing time was stress free for Emma and my daughters and I could say goodbye to her at home.